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Radio interview (.mp3) on “The Alternatives”  Mississquoi Public Radio (September 2011 #4)


Intuition & Clairvoyant Training

Trisha Pope is a professional clairvoyant. Her work as a sound healer, energy worker and musician, practicing meditation and living in the woods prepared the terrain for the development of fine intuitive gifts. She had many mystical and psychic experiences which set the stage for a widening evolution in understanding the nature of consciousness and reality. It was suggested that she train her intuition just as she had trained her singing voice or practiced musical instruments.

She graduated from a two year Clairvoyant Training and Teacher Training Program affiliated with the Psychic Horizons Centre affiliated with the Berkeley Psychic Institute. She now teaches Clairvoyant Training Programs (see below) using the same step-by-step, practical, down to earth techniques she practiced in her own training program. She believes that we all have these intuitive gifts and can enjoy and benefit from understanding and developing them.

Private Readings

Trisha Pope offers private clairvoyant readings in person and on the telephone. Read more...

Clairvoyant Training Programs

Trisha teaches Clairvoyant Training Programs at the Sutton Yoga Center. Click here for more information.