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Trisha Pope


Sutton Gospel Choir

The Sutton Gospel Choir is an eclectic group of singers from the Sutton region and Richford, Vermont region. It was formed in the Fall of 2014 and gathering momentum with each joyous rehearsal and concert.

There is an awesome power when singing voices come together to unite us all for the common good. The Sutton Gospel Choir sings rhythmic African songs, ring shouts, spirituals, chants, hymns and gospel songs and African American chants from the civil rights era. The Sutton Gospel Choir performs concerts that are interactive community events where the audience is invited to sing some songs with us. If you are interested in singing with us, please contact Trisha. Watch Trisha's Blog for concert announcements.

Song Circles and Singing Workshops

Trisha has been conducting community choirs, song circles and singing workshops since 1995. To name just a few, she conducted the Mile-End Choir, Tamarack and the Yellow Door Choir in Montreal.

African American Singing Workshops:

This workshop is for those who want to enjoy a whole day of fun and inspiration. Singers and non-singers alike share the common experience of singing in the African American oral tradition of call-and-response. Trisha teaches chants, calls, spirituals and gospel music. It is the music of hope and renewal and all who attend these workshops can attest to the joy it brings to their spirits.

Trisha offers day-long African American Singing Workshops at the Sutton Yoga Center. View poster

For the latest information on Song Circles and African-American Singing Workshops please consult Trisha's Blog.

This is the Sutton "Sometimes" Gospel Choir performing in Abercorn, Quebec in May 2016. We are singing Feuill-o (Haitian Traditional, arr: Linda Morrison) and Bid You Goodnight (Bahamian Traditional arr: Peter Amidon) Director: Trisha Pope Djembe: Jeffrey May The African American spiritual "Ain't but the One Train" (traditional) with the Sutton "Sometimes" Gospel Choir - Soloist T Pope/Director. This was an audience participation song at the Concert in May 2016 at the Eglise St. Simon in Abercorn


Sutton Yoga Center (top) and African-American Singing Workshops (bottom)
Photos courtesy of Charlotte Rosshandler.