Trisha Pope has been teaching people to sing for over 30 years. She studied classical vocal technique with Carmen Mehta and jazz interpretation and improvisation with Rhiannon, Sheila Jordan, Betty Carter and many others. She has a creative approach to singing based on working with individual’s experience, personality and perceptual strengths. She accompanies her students on piano in folk, pop, rock, and jazz styles and provides mp3 recordings to assist her students with information for practicing. She also works with small groups on vocal technique, blend and harmony singing.

"A good singing teacher knows this ultimate truth in training a voice to sing and finding one’s own voice. On the day that a student has an epiphany regarding who they are, as opposed to comparing themselves to someone else, they begin to really sing. When they discover “whatever floats their boat” the real voice appears. We begin to really sing on the day we stop apologizing for being who we are. Carol McAmis, a voice pedagogy professor at Ithaca College says that teaching voice is “doing life disguised as singing lessons”. She also says that “when someone makes a decision about who they are, they begin to sing. Voice is the central function of the human being. It is profoundly personal and takes us sharply into the present moment of who we are."

Excerpt from Awakening Voice by Trisha Pope

Trisha is currently teaching singing lessons in Sutton, Quebec.

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Photo (left) courtesy of Charlotte Rosshandler. Photo (right) courtesy of Claude Provencher