Trisha Pope


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Radio interview (.mp3) on “The Alternatives”  Mississquoi Public Radio (September 2011 #3)

What is Sound Healing?

Cultures the world over sing and sound for the invocation of healing, prayer, individual and group attunement, and the transformation of consciousness. Sound Healing is the intentional use of sound to create an environment which becomes a catalyst for healing in the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects of our being. It is considered to be an Energy Medicine in that it works on the vibratory level.

The Aboriginal belief that the whole earth is a song is no longer considered far from the truth. Quantum physics suggest that matter is composed of tiny filaments which vibrate at differing rates, creating the difference in atomic structures of plant, mineral, animal, and all forms of life.

Sound Healing can best be understood through the eyes of modern science bridging to the ancient spiritual knowledge of wisdom keepers of many traditions.

It draws on the science and theory of wave forms called ‘cymatics’. Sound healing includes: vibrational resonance and entrainment theory, psychoacoustics, mind/matter rhythm medicines, musical bio-feedback and binaural frequencies. It also sources the nature of sound as prayer and a bridge into other worlds, as an invocation of the Divine and unified states of consciousness. It also touches the creative art therapies where deep healing is created by through expression and manifestation.


"Like our finger-prints, our voices have their own harmonic recipe and geometry. In essence, we are all unique musical compositions. Our voices are the audible sound-prints of our stories, our fears, our dreams, our shadow and light. These sound-prints are recorded data in our bodies. Sound and the movement it causes sets up waves that make liquid the knots and tangles in the body. We begin to get glimpses of who we are."

*excerpt from Awakening Voice by Trisha Pope

Trisha teaches Sound Healing I and Sound Healing II. Please consult Trisha's blog or contact Trisha for information on workshop dates.